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Moussa Doumbia "Keleya/Wanri" 45.
Released in 1974 on SID (Société Ivoirienne du Disque) SID 31

2 MONSTER tracks of Heavy funk!!

 On A-side we have "Keleya"
-inspired by the american funk (James Brown) I would rather call this afro-funk than afro-beat. Doumbia’s rapping, spitting, wailing and spoken word over repetitive ultra funky bass grooves and his Afro rhythms and the occasional stabs of sax.
Side B has The MONSTER : "Wanri" which also can be described as the above -but I just love the hook, eventhoug I dont know what its all about.... But it IS damn FUNKY!!!!!

eventhoug this is a NM copy, the sound is not very good, both because of lack of engineering skills and maybe just bad pressing techniques....

Moussa Doumbia was a saxophonist, arranger, author/composer who used African American funk as his main inspiration during the 1970's. Living in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, West Africa, the Malian artist recorded an audacious music for a restricted public, with the help of two French American producers based there, Cathy & Albert Loudes.

Moussa Doumbia was lucky enough to settle in Abidjan at the same time as the first French speaking West African record company, the Société Ivoirienne du Disque (SID). Even at a small scale, the SID built a recording studio, imported a record press & developped a national distribution network, giving more independance to the local record industry. Both SID owners and their main arranger/co-artistic director, African American sax player Greg Skelton, with their American background, were exactly the people Moussa Doumbia needed to record his music there.

This SID recording is not very good which I think unfortunately was common on their recordings. It also shows on this recording. The Semi-professional sound engineers working at SID show real limits in their skills -actually it sounds like a live recording where the band is placed in another room with closed doors.....

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