mandag den 21. november 2011

Orchestra Baobab "Visage Du Senegaal" LP.
Released on BUUR records in 1975 (BRLP 004)
Orchestra Baobab was one of the most popular African groups in the late 70s early 80s.
They formed as a seven-piece band in 1970 playing as a house band at a nightclub in Dakar that opened the same year.
The club was called the Baobab club after a common tree in Senegal. The band played various genres -RnB, Rock, Paso Doble, Afro Cuban, Wolof griot and Congolese music. Soon they were playing every night of the at the Baobab and therefore called "Orchestra Baobab".
To funk collectors and groovelovers I believe this Album is one of their most desirable because of the track "Kelen ati leen" which is a amazing downtempo funk monster!!!! Rumour has it that the members attended a James Brown concert when he visited Dakar 1975. Almost immediately after the concert they went in the studio and cut "Kelen ati leen" which also is the standout track on this album!! The track shows a hard funkgroove and stands as an ultimate funk effort from Senegal.
I have been searching for this for quite a while, and found it in Paris at the "Superfly Records" -store. And at a price MUCH more affordable than the prices you see on the internet. That WAS superfly!!! 

søndag den 13. november 2011

Fresh out the bag!!!!! Illustration S/T LP on Janus Records JLS 3010. Released in 1970.
Bands as Chicago and Blood Sweat and Tears are probably the best known bands in the Big Band jazz rock genre. One of the lesser known in this genre was the Montreal based band "Illustration". They made only one Album which is this one.
The group seperated in 71 -a year after this release. To me some of the tracks has a similar sound as ides of march´s "vehicle".
A blazing hornsection are keepin things tight here with themes that any producer could use for a bangin mid 90 hip hop track!! actually DJ. Einstein from ugly duckling used a bit from the track "upon the earth" to produce "have and have nots" from "Impeach the precedent"(what a nice discovery as it was the first track on the record when I put in on!!).
 I especially like the intro on "was it I" so I have extended the intro a bit in the soundclip. The vocals are (excuse me) too Tom Jonesy for me. Nevertheless all things together this Album will definately find its way to my turntable more than just this once!!
a great find and discovery!!!! check it out!! if player dont appear below - refresh page     

mandag den 7. november 2011

Severine "un banc, un abre, une rue / veins" 7inch single on Phillips 6009 135.  Severine is a French singer and is mostly known for winning the Eurovision song contest for Monaco in 1971 with the song "un banc, un abre, une rue". This is the single featuring that song. BUT..... it is the B-side of this single which is interesting!!! Hardly mentioned on the cover, the B-side track "Veins" is a Superb uptempo soul/pop song. I´ve never heard of it, before I picked this single up at a fleemarket this weekend. I dont understand why "Veins" wasnt the winner back in 71 but at least I can enjoy it now!!!!!! Severine had most of her succes in Germany in the years after 71. The only sad thing about "Veins" is the 30-45 sec ballad-interuption in the middle of the song which probably makes some sort of contrast but nevertheless unnecessary. Thats why I doubt this will work at a dancefloor.... So you can hear two versions : one where I have removed the "ballad", and the original.