mandag den 21. november 2011

Orchestra Baobab "Visage Du Senegaal" LP.
Released on BUUR records in 1975 (BRLP 004)
Orchestra Baobab was one of the most popular African groups in the late 70s early 80s.
They formed as a seven-piece band in 1970 playing as a house band at a nightclub in Dakar that opened the same year.
The club was called the Baobab club after a common tree in Senegal. The band played various genres -RnB, Rock, Paso Doble, Afro Cuban, Wolof griot and Congolese music. Soon they were playing every night of the at the Baobab and therefore called "Orchestra Baobab".
To funk collectors and groovelovers I believe this Album is one of their most desirable because of the track "Kelen ati leen" which is a amazing downtempo funk monster!!!! Rumour has it that the members attended a James Brown concert when he visited Dakar 1975. Almost immediately after the concert they went in the studio and cut "Kelen ati leen" which also is the standout track on this album!! The track shows a hard funkgroove and stands as an ultimate funk effort from Senegal.
I have been searching for this for quite a while, and found it in Paris at the "Superfly Records" -store. And at a price MUCH more affordable than the prices you see on the internet. That WAS superfly!!! 

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