onsdag den 7. december 2011

I had bad luck at the weekend diggin for records at the fleemarkets. Found absolutely nothing...
Then late Sunday evening my girlfriend returned to my apartment with a record and asked me "is this something for you?..."
Just by looking at the cover I thought "heck yeah! - this looks exciting!!!"
-Her family lived in Zambia in her childhood and guess what - her father bought records!!
She pulled a record from his shelfs, -maybe after having heard me talking about afro-records - I dont know... nevertheless pretty nice pull!!! (considering my girlfriend has no interest in records)
And this is a nice little gem from the group : ”New Crossbones” titled ”Mayenge”. I have no idea from when this is, but my guess is the late 70s or even early 80s.
But the way the drums are sounding makes me think mid 70s. but the group was founded in 78 as far as I know so there you have it.
The Album is kind of an afro groover mixed up with the traditional kalindula-sound. Its not a hardcore afrofunk LP but I really dig the cover art!!! The first track is the standout-track. ”Obe Mulele” is a disco-funk-style-drums driven track mixed with the traditional kalindula sound -and with a decent break at the end of the track.
I could only find little info about the group. I dont know about its rarity since I have never seen this for sale anywhere.
To my knowledge Denmark had no significant import of afro records in the 70s or 80s for that matter, so its a rare find in this part of the world atleast.  My girlfriend saved the day!!!!
Check out the sound!!!!

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  1. wow super fedt hansen, btw WHAT ARE U WAITING FOR, MERRY THE GIRL ASAP!!!!!!!!! ;)