mandag den 7. november 2011

Severine "un banc, un abre, une rue / veins" 7inch single on Phillips 6009 135.  Severine is a French singer and is mostly known for winning the Eurovision song contest for Monaco in 1971 with the song "un banc, un abre, une rue". This is the single featuring that song. BUT..... it is the B-side of this single which is interesting!!! Hardly mentioned on the cover, the B-side track "Veins" is a Superb uptempo soul/pop song. I´ve never heard of it, before I picked this single up at a fleemarket this weekend. I dont understand why "Veins" wasnt the winner back in 71 but at least I can enjoy it now!!!!!! Severine had most of her succes in Germany in the years after 71. The only sad thing about "Veins" is the 30-45 sec ballad-interuption in the middle of the song which probably makes some sort of contrast but nevertheless unnecessary. Thats why I doubt this will work at a dancefloor.... So you can hear two versions : one where I have removed the "ballad", and the original.     

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  1. bstykket er lige ved at kamme over i fransk suppesteg, men jo helt sikkert, den ku godt rocke the party!!!!!!!!