lørdag den 29. oktober 2011

Two picks from danish obscurity!!!!! first one is a Record on Felix records (FLP 601) from a group called "TeenSing". They recorded an album called "smil" in the late 70s for a church in a rather small town in Denmark. N.J Balle is the director.... who ever that is...I was quite stunned when i gave it a spin!!!!!!! between all the choirsongs suddenly this instrumental proggy sounding track blasted from my speakers.......Im tempted to say DJ-Shadow-like-track..... well you judge
-a slowmoving organdriven trippy song called præludium..... I guess the choir went for a coffee break and the band got thier groove on!!! -nothing else to report on this group....or church...

Other one is a record from a Danish group called "Ramasjang" "S/T" on Hørekiks records (HKLP 11).
The reason why this record caught my attention is the intro on "rulle sten væk" which I think sounds a bit something like DJ Format or Cut Chemist could have used for sampling....well they didnt...I think... you judge again....
-Recorded in 74 this album I believe did not get a lot of attention, but the group did play a lot of gigs around Denmark between 73-76 when the group existed. Among gigs they played at the now famous Roskilde Festival. Their motto was "Danish rock for the Danes". Apparently the Danes didnt agree....or for some other reason the group did not last very long.. but they released two albums  during their existence...
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  1. ja, skilte mig af med pæn kopi af den ramasjabang på messe for adskillige år siden, set i bakspejlet................ dumt!!!