fredag den 14. oktober 2011

This LP was came out in 1969 -same year as the group was founded. Released on Pronit records which was the major label in poland -if there existed any others??
I dont know what the songs are about -I asume that no anti-social lyrics was allowed, given that Poland was under Sovjet Communist dominance at the time. But the sound and music of the album definately match up with anything coming out west of the Ironcurtain!!!! 
different styles are explored on this great album - from psych-jazz, funk, jerk, soul  -all kept together by groovy arrangements!! my favorite is the "przeminelo z wiatrem tyle dni" which is sort of a uptempo funk/nothern/jazz banger!. really catchy!! -and I guess it could work on the dancefloor too!! Breaks are also featured on the jerkish "razem z nami". A more melancholy mood is featured on "ktos". All in all a great album which is enjoyable the whole way through.
This album is getting harder and harder to get a hold on -a reissue was made in the 80s I believe, but you know you want the original!!!!!!    Check soundclips!!

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  1. Ja, fed LP. Man skal faktisk ikke kimse af de der 80er reissues. Der er tit bedre lyd på dem end på de første presninger, medmindre man kan finde dem i rigtig god stand.

  2. -hermed modtaget! der blev måske kimset lidt...