torsdag den 27. oktober 2011

Ronn Forella......moves LP . Released in the early 70s on the Hoctor Label. (HLPS-4213)
Eventhough Ronn is the main feature on this album he is not the man behind the music.
Thom Janusz is the composer behind this classic obscurity!! I dont know anything about their collabo for this album but they worked together on different television productions prior to "...Moves"
 The late Ronn Forella died in 89. In the early 70s he teached jazz-dance at the Farnworth Hauer School, at which the "Forella technique" became a popular jazz form........whatever that was???  He was also a teacher of ballet and was teaching all around the world. I dont know about his status among jazz-dancers or in ballet circles today....

But his name has reached immortality among beatheads, recordcollectors etc. with this LP called  "....Moves".

Best known for the track "Crystals" which is a smooth laidback dreamy track that could be sounding a bit like a long lost Barry White instro tape (hope I dont offend anybody by putting it that way). It  is dripping with drum breaks and doused with dreamy Rhodes and wah wah guitar in a dramatic and cinematic style. The same goes for the track "Mithra Plane 2" which is more uptempo and uplifting...
"Moves" is as far as I know one of the most wanted Hoctor Records and Crazy rare too.
producers and break-lovers will dig this record (if they ever get their hands on this...) -as almost every song starts off with an open break.. 
Martin at Can Records in Copenhagen was so kind to give me this at an almost ridiculous price!!!!
Thanks Can!!!
listen to my two favorite tracks here: (if player dont appear -refresh page)

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