onsdag den 13. juli 2011


Pyranas Giulietta e Romeo LP. Released in 1970 on Italian RCA ARC (ALPS 11016)

This Album is truely amazing!! One of the holy grails of psyche/funk out of Italy!!
The album consists of raw Mohawks style hammond tracks with hardhitting aggresive scat-vocals blending with a hammering psychedelic jazz funk!!! lot of interesting moments on this one with neckbreaking guarantee!!! If you wouldnt have guessed it by now I really dig this album..... Just loaded with breaks and beats and with catchy simple themes with a hard edge!! also a blazing horn section really puts their stamp on this one!!!
Eventhoug this is some sort of concept album - there is a lot of twists and turns on this album and that is exactly what is so wonderful about it - you can sence that they are experimenting alot with arrangements and it really works!!

(I really dont know if its a concept-album – just assuming from the title...a twisted soundtrack to the story about Romeo and Juliet atleast I think so – cant speak Italian so I wouldnt know for sure.)

Some people compare this with the Mohawks but to be honest - I like this much better!!!

Dont really know much about the group or the impact their 3 albums had at the time. The band formed in 1967 and released this album as their last one in 1970.

This is one of the rarer Lps of mine - and one of the best..

So happy to share it with you out there!!!!!

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  1. Hi, congrats for your blog! Pls. could you share the full LP? Please I've been looking for that for years! Just sent you an email. looking forward to eharing from you soon! Cheers! ^^^^ André

  2. ciao,sono stato anch'io un ascoltatore di questo lp,purtroppo mi si e'consumato molto presto e ho dovuto gettarlo adesso cerco disperatamente una copia o un file se puoi mandarmelo te ne sarei molto grato,mi chiamo carlo da palermo il mio telefono e' 3479378289 e il mio email e' carlocognato1962@libero.it,grazie,ciao.

  3. please write in english or danish...

  4. entire lp,tank you!

  5. first of all -Glad that you like the blog. I have only recorded a few clips of the songs from the LP -witch I have uploaded.
    Im sorry but it is a bit of a process (time consuming) to record the whole album, convert it to mp3 and upload it.. good luck in your search.

  6. so for you I die under the knife for a lp? answer if you dare! carlocognato1962@libero.it (tv)

  7. Perhaps you want the money? Tell me what you want and I will seewhat I can do carlocognato1962@libero.it

  8. sorry I dont think I understand : "I will die under the knife for an LP" ? what does that mean?. My idea with this blog is only to bring out positive vibes and music to people collecting vinyl or people who just have an interest in music. I am not quite sure that I get that positive vibe from you..?

  9. ok,sono interessato al tuo lp,gentilmente puoi mandarmi il file completo in mp3,grazie! carlocognato196@libero.it

  10. ok, I'm interested in your LP, you can kindly send me the full file to mp3, thank you! carlocognato196@libero.it

  11. This looks & sounds the Bomb! Just found your blog!!! why has it taken me so long email me skyrockmusic@hotmail.com Peace.

    PS I got those Choralena LP's at my local car boot sale outrageous xian breaks


  12. YES! Please email me the mp3s at wolf4days@yahoo.com