søndag den 17. juli 2011

Boogaloo/Soul/Guaracha Classic!!!!

Harlow Orchestra "El Exigente" LP released on Fania records in 1968.
Knockout Latin/Soul Record from Larry Harlow as the leader of Orchestra Harlow. 
Featuring a very young singer at 17 years of age : Ismael Miranda.
Harlow studied Afro-Cuban music after leaving New York for Cuba in the 50s. He returned to New York before getting his degree because of the revolution, but gained experience enough to release among others this quality album blending soul with other styles such as boogaloo and so on.
Best known track on "El Exigente" is the funky track "Freak Off" which Im sure has filled many dancefloors throug the years!! "Las Luces", "Mess Around" and "That groovy Shingaling" are just SOME of the other tracks worth mentioning on this LP
He was the second artist to be signed to Fania and is right up there (if not better) with some of the other Fania releases around that time by artists such as Ray Barretto, Joe Bataan etc.
Apparently its a Venezuela mono pressing I found - still great ; loud and clean copy!!! 

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