mandag den 13. august 2012

Allegro 72 s/t LP Released in 1973 on Mericana Records.
Not much info about this group : founded by Tito Lara in start 70s. They performed at various television shows - and released this LP. And thats pretty much it. Tito Lara had performed in various groups since the start 50s. He took a bachelors degree in 1970 at Music Conservatory specializing in trumpet playing.
It shines throug on this record, that Allegro 72 was a "television show band". Album is mostly dominated by (to me) borring easy/lounge/latin tracks - but two tracks stands out :
"Gente" and "Canta Conmigo". 
"Gente" being a dancefloor killer!! -super-cool-no-nonsence-funky horn driven track -still with a little easy/lounge feel to it. "Canta Conmigo" is more like a jazzy lounge track - not reaching the same hights as "Gente" - this is a keeper!!!!
Never heard of the group or album before, even though the Mericana is not an unknown label. So to me it is under the radar, but given the label, propably many diggers knows this.
Happy to find this still in shrink!!! 


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