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After a bit of hibernation DONTFAKETHEBREAKS wakes up for the summer!!!
This time showcasing ten 45s dug up in the past months. We have Disco / Pop / Soul etc. 45s. All danish releases. Some funkier than others - but all with and edge that makes them worth mentioning, if you are into the world of danish oddball and funky bits and pieces!!!!!

Buki Yamaz ”Get Together / Your beauty is divine” 45.
Buki Yamaz is a pretty well known Danish Jazz/latin Fusion Band.
This 45 is interesting because it features probably their most funky track ”Get together” which
strangly enough is NOT featured on any of their albums!!!
Released in 1977 on Stuk records – and by the look of it – it looks like a promo release.
But dont think it is.
”Get it together” Sounds -to me – like Barkays/Earth Wind & Fire inspired with some damn cool breakdowns!!! ENJOY THE FUNK!!!

Birgit Lystager ”Lone i Lårkort / Gør som jeg” 45 Single.
Lystager is probably best known for her Jazz/Pop/Bossa albums featuring some of the finest musicians in Danish Jazz. She also made a lot of straight (borring) pop 45s.
This one features the track ”Gør som jeg” which in its nature also is a pop song but it just has an edge which I find intriguing. Of course it is the B-side track.....
I dont think many was up on this … My friend Peter told me that he was looking for this because of that track – I found it and loved it.
Released in 1968 – the A-side made it to the top 20 list – sad that the other track did not get the same attention....

Matadorerne ”Love Birds / Last Love” 45 Single.
Released in 1966 and was part of the Soundtrack to a Danish movie ”Slå først Frede”
”Love Birds” is the track on this one – Very typical 60s pop tune – guitar dominated track not unlike Shadows, Telstars and what have we – same but yet different in my opinion.
Also works great on the dancefloor!!
Thank you DJ Storm for letting me discover this one!!

Lollipops ”Naked when you come/Little cat lost”
”Naked when you come” Is a slow soundscapish tune sounding like something Portishead could have sampled.
Released in 1966 by Lollipops which started out as litterally a boyband in 1960 aged 10, 9 and 12 years old. On this they have obviuosly matured and with ”naked when you come” they are just at the edge of the psych-era if you ask me.
Pretty hard to find – I have been searching for quite some time – found it without cover, but waited with a presentation here until I got it with a cover. SO COOL!!!!

Soulservice med Røde Claus ”Superfællesmarkedet” 45 Single.
To my knowledge Soulservice consisted partly of members from Buki Yamaz.
Political oriented to the left they released this in 1972 when Denmark was to vote in joining what was then called EF – now EU. They were clearly against it.... But maybe you dont understand danish... But surely you understand the funkiness on this little gem!!

Ullabella ”Love is leading me / She´ll be there” 45 Single
Released on TEENER in 1968 – and is sought after by many northern soul Djs.
Covering Jackie DeShannons ”Love is Leading Me” Ullabella gives us one of the only Danish Northern Soul tracks …. that I know of at least..
Powerful drums, catchy groove and PERFECT for the dancefloor!!!
Not very much is known about this. Released on a sub-label of TONO who was focusing on ”teenager music” with their label TEENER.

Daimi ”Skandale i familien / Trumpet Shake” 45 Single
Released in 1966 on Metronome Records. VERY common record which you can find ANYWHERE … in Denmark that is. But I think that it deserves a spot here in this review as the B-side is a cool Scat/Pop Dancer – sounding like commercial music for a dishwashing detergent or something like that....Very cool theme and could probably work on the danceflor as well!!!
Danes – go get it at your local record dealer or find it among your mothers old 45s!!!

Roy & Decent People ”Let the good times roll / Show me” 45 Single.
Released in 1969 on Parlophone records.
Soul inspired group which only released this single as they performed mostly live across the country. On this release they cover Joe Tex´s ”Show me” and adds some of their own flavor... I think Joe Tex´s Version is difficult to compete with but Roy & Decent people gives it a little
of that Danish ”Beat-Feel” and I think it is a pretty enjoyable version.


Den Faglige Gruppe & Hvalsøspillemændene ”Lindø-sange” 45 EP
The track ”September Forliget” has an intro groove with a moody feel to it and drums high in the mix which is always cool – not completely brainfreeze breaks in this and pretty annoying vocals which I have edited most of out – so enjoy the short clip.  

No review without a little secret for you to dig up yourself!!
A 45 released in 1973 – A love song - very pop oriented but with a funky bassline, guitar and cool drums....
(the chorus is edited out - otherwise it would be too easy..)
I dont think anybody knows this – I could be wrong but at least I like to think that I discovered this.... until somebody tells me otherwise.

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  1. Yes, bro! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great breaks & beats!!! YOU ARE the BEST!!!

    Hope to see another post very soon...but, all worth the waiting!

  2. Last track.. is.. NUTS!
    Must.. Find..

    A rare one?

    1. Dont even know if its rare - but found just one other copy for sale online and bought it for like 15$ - I think that indicates that it is not very rare - perhaps the B-side is just not very known.....

    2. Allright. Thanks! Please let me know if you want to reveal it, if I don't discover it by myself beforehand. Please write to me at if you wanna blow the spot ;)

      Looking forward to follow more of your future discoveries, and hope that you will soon post more great danish stuff. Apparently, there's still alot more to find.

  3. Finally... :-)
    Thanks a lot and have a good time! Greetings from Germany.

  4. Har ledt efter det sidste nummer siden jeg efterspurgte det. Shit den er svær :D Kunne du lokkes til at afsløre den nu?