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This time around we turn to our dear neighbour countries Norway and Germany for a little ODDBALL ACTION!!!

Oddball records can be many things – from porn 45s to just weird cover art – but mostly DONTFAKETHEBREAKS loves when an ”off-looking/oddball” Record turns out to have some quite surprising tracks/moments on it with a bit of funk flavor!!!!

First of we have a Norwegian Group called ”People” with an album called ”Hey, look around you”
On a label called ”NOR-DISC” from 1971.
The cover looks a little like a psychedelic folk type of thing. I actually passed on this the first time I saw it cause it looked like a swedish christian record.... a lot of those around in Denmark for some reason... A few months later I went to the same spot and it was still standing there, I picked it up thinking – well there might be something interesting here....
I cant find any info about this record other than what the cover says... :
”People is more than just a musical experiment – it is life – youngsters with something on their minds”.
When I put the needle to the groove on the first track ”Hey look around you” I was happily surprised!!
Nice funky hornstabs at the intro and OK – kind of a happy-go-lucky mood on this record but still with a funky edge, worthy enough to be mentioned her at DONTFAKETHEBREAKS!!
Also ”I get a kick out of life” has some nice moments on it!!!
I admit that it is probably not exactly ”killer-funk-dj-material” but still, considering never having heard of this and not having been able to find ANY info about this record it qualifies as oddball funk/soul in my book!!!

Second we have what I think is a promotional record for a chain of hotels in Germany close to the borders of Denmark.
I think the title of the album is ”INTERMAR-TANZ-PARTY – FÜR JUNG UND ALT” on a label called Pirol from 1977.
Two different bands recorded on each side of the record. Side A has a ”Party-Schlager-Band” playing awful boring German horn party music..... That actually made me put away the record cause I had not realized two bands were represented on this album.... A few months later it appeared in some of my ”crap-piles” and I took it for a second listen... WHAT LUCK!!!!
Side B has a band called ”LIGHT WIND” playing – and thats a whole other deal!!!
From kraut funk grooves to sleezy library slowmovers to hippie-folk-funk !! Ace material on this one!!!!
This could just as well have been on a kraut-funk release from that time!! If ”LIGHT WIND” is an alias for another group actually releasing records in their own name I wouldnt be surprised!!
I have just needledropped through side B on this record on the soundclip provided.
I wasnt able to find any info on this record as well. It seems that ”HOTEL-GROOVES” does fit into the oddball-genre if you could define a such!!!

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