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The Danish market weren´t exactly overfed with funky childrens records. But from time to time you bump into an attempt made to bring the funk to the children.

The most famous of them all and also the rarest to my knowledge is "BENNYS BADEKAR" O.S.T which means something like "Bennys bathtub" (lower left corner). An hour long cartoon filled with psychadelic animations. Story is about a boy and his tadpole who experiences that a whole world exists in his bathtub... Not many copies of this EP has survived...or are busted up. Im lucky cause I found an NM copy... 
Released on Fiasco Records in 1970.
(bjarne rostvold and niels henning orsted is among the musicians)
The funky song is when Benny meets an octopus who he becomes friend with. Peter Belli on vocals.... :
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(on top of bennys badekar) Cirkeline is a famous danish cartoon created in 1957. This EP is from 1968. Also on fiasco records. (musicians includes Bjarne Rostvold, Gert Rostvold, and Lars Black).
Again funkyness involving a tadpole... and a funk/pop "tad pole -song-" with kind of nusery-rhymes to it on top.
"Bim Bam Busse Jeg er en haletudse"
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RYTMISK MUSIKALSK HILSEN (Break - nursery rhymes)
(bottom middle)
LP by Grethe Agatz on KMF records from 1975.
Contains a break which is also known outside of Denmark. A lot of japanese diggers came to denmark to get a hold of this record back in the days.
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JEG HAR SET DET SELV (Boogie track)
(left bottom)
LP by Lotte Kærså on Mascot Records from 1979 . An LP with songs and games to play.
There is a kind of a Boogie track on this one called "Hjemme i vores gård" which means something like "back at our yard"
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BØRNEROCK (funk/rockish track)
(top right)
LP recorded live in 81 at childrens rockfestival different places in Denmark. 
Features a track called "Funki" with a tekst which sounds like they have taken Lee Dorseys "everything I do gonh be funky (from now on)" and translated in to danish.
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Actually as a child I only knew Bennys Badekar and Cirkeline and had them on tape. - I discovered the others throug a lot of digging... well here they are. 

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  1. I'm madly looking for a Grethe Agatz discography, or at least her first records from where Fernando Arrabal took the tunes for his movies 'Viva la Muerte' and 'I will go like a crazy horse'. In fact, the available record 'Kom Og Dans en Tigerdans' doesn't include the original version of 'Ekkoleg' or any other old songs from 'I will go like a crazy horse' (I remember one singing 'Hør, hør, hør, de pipper og de støjer, kvitte vitte vitte vit,de pipper og de støjer').
    Please, if you have any info where to buy or download such records, let me know at familydog@tiscali.it.
    Thanks in advance

  2. Har lige købt Bennys Badekar singlen på QXL, har ikke hørt den endnu, men coveret ser ud til at være i 100% mint stand, altså lige udover at coveret kun hænger sammen i bunden? Ved du om de bare er sådan eller er det bare dette eksemplar, der er nemlig ikke nogle tegn på limninger på indersiden overhovedet.

    Vh. Magnus

  3. Tillykke!! sjov lille EP. De kopier jeg har, hænger alle kun sammen i bunden - så den skulle være god nok!!

  4. hey!
    how are you? hope you awesome!
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    i'm looking for Danish children records. Can you help me to find&buy them?
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