tirsdag den 31. maj 2011

I thoght I knew all the tracks worth knowing by the late Barry White.....
But I´ve been surprised a few times by tracks performed or related to him. Lately I was surprised again and thought maybe other people have slept too.
After leaving 20th Century records in 1979, Barry launched his own label "Unlimited Gold"
These three releases are all from his own label. :

-The Album "Change" from 1982 contains the song "Passion" which is a disco/boogie track.

-In 1979 he produced an album with his girlgroup "Love Unlimited" called "Love is Back" Which contains the MONSTER modern soul disco track "High steppin hip dressin fella" which is sure to fill many dancefloors!! I have the 12 inch which includes an instrumental version too.

-The "Barry & Glodean" Album was released in 1981 and contains the mid-tempo track "I want you" which I think also has some modern soul feel to it.

None of these releases are espesially rare as far as I know - But they surprised me a lot when I put them on my turntable as I expected something different.
Well maybe you know them already -but I didn´t!!!

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