mandag den 6. juni 2011


Gwen McCrae "funky sensation" LP and Keni Burke "risin to the top" promo 12"

Had a great weekend with a lot of finds!!! among them were 2 stonecold classics.
I was fighting with serious hangovers when I went out early Saturday morning, and made my mind up just to visit one of the fleemarkets I had planned on attending. And what great luck that I managed to fight those hangovers!! One of the sellers at the fleemarket took me to her basement where she kept her old records.... and I was lucky to find a lot of good stuff!!!! Suddenly the hangovers did not seem that heavy after having a bag full of records!!!!!
I guess I will start out with these: 
A lot of people probably know these two classics!!!

Gwens Album (actually selftitled and not called "funky sensation") 
was released in 1981 and contains the monster party clubtune "funky sensation"
A classic in relation to hip hop as artists from Afrika Bambaataa to Lord Finesse has sampled this!!  

The other one : Keni Burke "Risin to the top" promo 12" 
Released in 82 on RCA
Also a monster clubtune which is known worldwide and sampled innumerous times. I guess if people who listens to hip hop music hear this, they will recognize the bassline from somewhere no matter if they know Keni Burke or not, cause this has been used a lot. From Redmans "how to roll a blunt" to Mary J. Bliges "Love no limit"
This 12" inch promo also cotains an instrumental version..I have never seen and I guess it is pretty rare!!!!

Last but not least.....
 It was a nice finishing touch that I found a Korg DDD-1 drummachine for 10$ which came out around 86 and was a 1000$ worth of machinery at the time...
I know thats not a record but included it in this 80s weekend special!!!

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  1. Vi må snart tage på loppemarked sammen. Det er da vist de tidlige morgener værd.

  2. Ha ja klart - men det er ligesom at skulle op med aviser.... tidligt!! der har lige været i din gade....