torsdag den 9. juni 2011

DONTFAKETHEBREAKS GOT Over 1200 hits within the first month!!
That was so much more than I hoped for.
I take it that people like what they see on the blog. And what better way to celebrate this with a review of one of the Heavy records from the country that brought us soul music.


 LP was released in the fall of 1973 by Enterprise Records -a Stax subsidiary.
Producer and songwriter : Dale Warren

 Perhaps it got lost in the shuffle between all the Isaac Hayes Lps. and did not get much attention then.
"Ghetto: Misfortune’s Wealth" has since been known as 24-Carat Black’s first and final chapter, barely a footnote in the well documented history of Stax.
Fortunately, it was rediscovered in the beginning of the 90s being much sampled by hip hop artists like Digable Planets, Nas and Jay-Z and many more.
It's been at the top of many peoples playlists (and want lists) ever since!

This is sort of a politically conscious mini-opera, or suite, with 8 tracks of spiritual funk and soul, all strung together in a righteous package that's as perfectly-conceived as you could imagine for an independent soul release from the 70s.
A dark soul album that really captures it all, from the melancoly ”Mothers day” to the funky funky ”24-Carat Black Theme” which has an resemblance to a track called ”Vitamin C” by the German group CAN. A very hot subject that I will not get any further into...
Hip hop heads have probably heard at least one sample from this LP -- maybe from the cuts "Brown-Baggin", "Food Stamps", or the title cut "Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth", a great sample cut -- but the whole album's great, and it totally deserves its massive reputation!
Ive been lucky enough to have had both the official release and now this promo version – and what a difference!! the sound on the official release is known for being very low mixed -at least in my opinion that is. The promo version has 10 times better sound -loud and clear!!! I dont know if anybody knows this (or agrees) but I guess it makes the promo version that more desirable!!!???
good luck finding this!!!

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