onsdag den 15. juni 2011

Polarna med Jörgen Edman   -  Cirkus LP 
Well cant say that I know a lot about this group!!! and I have not tried to find more info about it.
The reason is that this is NOT a good album!! .... But it got this one standout track called BOMBA which is kind of a straight latin track - but quite good actually!!! I was not expecting anything from this, but somehow it managed to get in a pile of records I bought recently!! The songs reflected the "artwork" on the cover quite acurate - untill I came to the track BOMBA!!!
-a really catchy tune song in swedish and does work on a dancefloor!!
I dont know if it is because the rest of the album is SO not down my alley, that the track sounded so good to me - but here it is - you be the judge!!!!!
(Released in 1976 on Swedish gazell records...) 

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