torsdag den 16. juni 2011

RELEASED IN 1980 - SOUNDS LIKE 1970 !!!!!

Larry Eugene Thompson released this one independently in 1980 in the Bay area on the label ”L.E.T” which was his own label. He did not record any other projects. 
Record does not sound as recorded in 1980. Far from it!!! In my opinion it´s completely stripped from the polished production and synth vibe that where featured on many soul/funk releases at that time.                                                                        I guess you can hear that this is a private production with its charming ”untightness” and the, at some times, off-key vocals from Larry.        It is exactly the off-key vocals and the so-called ”untightness” that I think makes this record so strong. The charm of the ”homemade” vibe that this record has, adds a kind of authenticity to it which I like a lot!!!
It sounds like recorded in the begining of the 70s and to me the song ”Im moving on” is the best cut. But the whole album is plessure to listen to. -All the way throug the album has kind of a freesoul approach with a jazzfeel to it.
Its a pretty rare LP and hard to get ($$$) and I got a sealed copy!!!! I traded it with some other records found on fleemarkets around. So all in all it did not cost more than a few bucks.

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