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saw the misspelling too late.....
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Ernie Hines "what I would do / Our generation"
on WEPRODUCE xpa-1809 original pressing.
YES this does actually Exist!!!!!! Very rare single.
I actually wrote to Ernie Hines him self and wanted to know about this single and here is what he wrote me back :
"The copy of the 45 record that you have is probably white and may have on it DJ Copy that was sent to radio stations to play a specific song (What Would I Do) and that is what should be on both sides, or it could be a misprint.
 What confuses me, however, is that the record has two titles instead of just the one song title that really should be on both sides."
sampled by the famous Pete Rock on "straighten it out"
The track in it self is not rare - you can easily buy the LP where the track is featured - you probably end up paying from 60-150 $ for it though. But it is relativly unknown to exist on a 45!! 
I found this at a garagesale in a small town in Denmark... How the heck did it end up there?????
if you dont know this track you better listen :
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Beatles find!! SGT PEPPERS IRAN PRESS 2 x EP

Not a big Beatles fan -but this release and find deserves a little notice as it is a bit unusual.
It is one of the crown jewels of all Sergeant Pepper collectibles!
In Iran, probably for economic reasons, they didn't release this album on LP but they made up a double EP of songs from the album, thus making an interesting rarity now.
This kind of find is what I use for trade so I can get my hands on that funk!!
Bought it for 50 dkr and it is completely clean!!! in that same crate there was also a NM Iran EP pressing from the Doors "light my fire" with 2 additional tracks.also incredible rare!! and got it even cheaper! 
That was a good day.

GREAT FIND!! Bobby Callender "Musee de L´impressionisme"

just found two copies of this in the same 50cents crate!!!

-released in very low number on the phillips label. Dont think it was ever released on another label.  

-a  cocept album by an afro-american musician on french impressionesm. The arrangements, by Mark Suozzo. From soul/funk to library to tripped out psych vibe. This record is full of variation. Lots of bits and pieces for sample use and a great listening experience.....
AND RARE TOO!!!!               

Here is a little jazzy gem from Denmark. Involving some of the muscians also featured on some of the most wanted releases from Denmark such as Max Leth and Bjarne Rostvold. Released in 1971 by Danish Radio as a workout record for the whole family!!!.

33rpm 11 tracks on each side of this ep.

Featuring some great tracks in a soul jazz funk vibe. Some will use it for sampling others just for enjoyment.

listen to some of the clips I find interesting here :
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Here it is, one of the Holy Grails of soundtrack collecting, "The Games" OST by Francis Lai to the Michael Winner film.

On Viking records Stereo LPS-105

Ultra rare LP printed in an incredibly small run on Viking records.

Also notable for the tune "From Denver to LA" where a young Elton John was hired as a session singer. His name is Misspelled on the cover as Elton Johns. Not only is this score Ultra rare, it's also one of the best that Lai Ever produced, great themes and moods, horns and funk feels.

The Elton song is Killer too with some nice Harpsichords and guitars. Real Masterpiece! check out the "young Elton John track" here :

Monster belgian breakish moog crooner track!!!! Marc Aryan 7inch with the super groovy track "LIBERTE" This deserves attention!! Dont know if this will work at a club. But that break with the moog in the begining of the track is mindblowing!!! me at least!!!
-Not especially rare -but I have never heard it before I found it. What a nice surprise!!!! check it out :    
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